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Why are so many companies outsoursing their IT solutions and software? The high costs of doing it yourself. Each new employee takes time and effort to hire and maintain, they need to be supervised and they need office space, computers and supplies. This really adds up. Let SmallWorld handle all of these things so that you can focus on the things that make your business great.

How do you decide whether to outsource and what to outsource? Look at your core business and your non-core business. If software development is not part of your core business it is a good idea to outsource it.

Outsourcing is a management strategy to help your business thrive. If you need an IT solution, custom software developed, or need voice or data marketing support, you need to find an outsourcing firm that is going to save you money and add value to your business. SmallWorld Outsourcing is that company.

SmallWorld is an American company. Therefore, you can feel secure that you are working with a business partner that is a local company that will guarantee our work. Yet, you still get the benefits, advantages and cost savings of outsourcing abroad.

Tell us what you need and we’ll help you get there. We will analyze your situation and come up with an outsourcing plan that suits your goals.

Think Globally. Hire Locally. Save Money. 

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